The Department of Computer Engineering (DoCE) is one of the five departments of the Faculty of Computer Science and Technology, formerly the Department of Information Technology, Ho Chi Minh University of Technology – VNU – HCM. The department was founded with the establishment of the Department of Computer Science in 1993. Through many ups and downs and developments, DoCE is currently gathering experienced lecturers graduated from advanced countries along with a team of excellent teaching assistants trained from the Ho Chi Minh University of Technology – VNU – HCM. DoCE is the department which has the main responsibility for the undergraduate Computer Engineering training program (one of the two ABET-qualified programs of Ho Chi Minh University of Technology – VNU – HCM, in addition to the Computer Science program of the same faculty).


DoCE is currently primarily in charge of the training of computer engineers/bachelors oriented in Computer Engineering with majors/orientations:

– Modern computing systems: includes computing systems developed on embedded platforms or high-performance computing platforms using FPGA, VLSI circuits or multicore computers/systems, parallel computing and distribution.

– IoTs and Network security: includes IoTs-based systems such as environmental monitoring or automation systems and high-speed cyber attack prevention systems/ cybersecurity using hardware acceleration systems by CPUs or FPGAs.

Many Department’s lecturers have been presiding over many research projects as well as technology transfer and practical implementation funded by international organizations such as JICA (Japan), AUN/SEED-Net (Network of Southeast Asian universities), SATU (Taiwan), US Army (USA),… as well as various organizations in the country such as VNU – HCM, provincial/city Departments of Science and Technology and domestic companies/corporations such as VNG, Renesas or Tiki. The Department currently is cooperating with various partners such as University of Electro-Communication (UEC) – Japan, University of Porto – Portugal, Delft University of Technology – the Netherlands, National Chen Kung University (NCKU) s – Taiwan,…

The Department’s lecturers have also published many articles in prestigious international specialized journals (SCI/SCIE/Scopus) and prestigious international conferences.

The main research directions of the Department are:

– Increase processing efficiency by FPGA for many applications from machine learning to biological sequence information comparison and many other applications.

– High-performance cyber attack prevention system.

– The architecture of processors on FPGA: RISC-V or VLIW.

– Air and water environmental monitoring systems for livelihood, agriculture and aquaculture.

– Automatic control systems based on IoTs technology and embedded systems.

– Applications based on Blockchain and IoTs technology.


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Implementation of shrimp pond water quality monitoring project combining HCMUT and UEC
Cooperation with National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) - Taiwan and the University of Danang - University of Science and Technology.


The list of current personnel in the department includes:

No.Full NamePosition
1Assoc Prof. Dr. Trần Ngọc ThịnhVice dean
2Assoc Prof. Dr. Phạm Quốc CườngDepartment chairman
3Dr. Phạm Hoàng AnhHead of Renesas-HCMUT SuperH-lab
4Dr. Lê Trọng NhânLecturer
5Dr. Nguyễn Trần Hữu NguyênLecturer
6M.Sc Nguyễn Quốc TuấnLecturer
7B.Eng. Nguyễn Xuân MinhChủ tịch Công đoàn Khoa
8M.Sc Võ Tấn PhươngLecturer
9M.Sc Vũ Trọng ThiênResearcher
10M.Sc Trần Thanh BìnhResearcher

List of visiting lecturers participating in regular teaching:

No.Full NamePosition
1Assoc Prof. Dr. Đinh Đức Anh VũVice president of International University – VNU-HCM
2M.Sc Đoàn Minh VữngDeputy Director of HCMUT Dormitory Service Center
3M.Sc Kiều Đỗ Nguyên Bình 
4B.Eng. Lê Tấn Long 

List of lecturers studying abroad:

No.Full NameSchool
1M.Sc Trần Trung HiếuPhD. student University of Stuttgart, Germany
2M.Sc Nguyễn Quang HuyPhD. student Paderborn University, Germany
3M.Sc Nguyễn Thiện TínPhD. student Delft University of Technology, Netherland
4M.Sc Nguyễn Hoà HưngPhD. student Pusan National University, Korea