The Department of Software Engineering is one of the five departments of the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology – VNU – HCM. The department was founded in 1989 and gradually expanded along with the rapid development of Software Technology.

The Department of Software Engineering contributes to the training of students and graduate students in the Faculty of Computer Science & Engineering, aiding them in preparing carefully for many career options when they form a solid theoretical foundation in Computer Science as well as the necessary and practical skills in the field of Software Technology. Engineering graduates can choose a good position among a software developer, request analyst, software architect, technical team leader or software engineer,… Graduates of master’s or doctor degrees can certainly pursue their career in both academic and industrial paths related to Computer Science as well as Software Engineering.


Since its inception, the Department of Software Engineering has developed in stature as well as strength. Currently, its personnel consists of 2 Associate Professors, 3 Ph.D., 3 M.Sc. Besides that, there are also 10 Ph.D. students and dozens of student researchers participating in both academic and research activities. Besides, the department is also closely associated with many prestigious lecturers from domestic and foreign universities.

Ph.D. students participating in academic and research activities in the Department:

No.Full namePostion
1M.Sc. Nguyễn Thiên BìnhPhD. student
2M.Sc. Huỳnh Tấn KhảiPhD. student
3M.Sc. Nguyễn Minh HảiPhD. student
4M.Sc. Lê Ngọc Kim KhánhPhD. student
5M.Sc. Tôn Long PhướcPhD. student
6M.Sc. Trương Thị Thái MinhPhD. student
7M.Sc. Nguyễn Trung ViệtPhD. student